About Us

Providon Holdings is the industry-led body representing Tourist, Construction & Development, and Maritime professional services on regional EU and Global markets.

Custom Travel Experiences

Founded and managed by professionals from a wide range of disciplines, Providon Holdings works to ensure the highest standards for International tourism services and professional support to related businesses in general.
Providon Holdings vision is to maintain its position as the world’s leading provider of high-class Tourism, Maritime related services and to be involved in the most ambitious Development and Construction projects.

About Us

We are proud to be one of the corporate leaders of the European tourist market. We are bringing new standards to the tourist industry – we believe in Magic and can make all your dreams come true.


Providon Holdings works mainly on a corporate level as back office to leading maritime and crewing businesses, showcasing our knowledge and expertise and demonstrating our strength and ability to resolve all kinds of issues related to Modern maritime business functioning.

Through training and working groups, Providon Holdings develops thought leadership within the sector to facilitate dialogue, best practices, and innovation within the community of our international partners.

Our Know-How:


Modern Tourism is a niche and highly technological sector which requires specialist knowledge to succeed, massive investments of capital to build and equip the team to perform on the highest level.

Business Standards

Our firm is renowned for the quality of our work. Once you become our client or partner, you can be sure that we will never fail.


Any requirement however large or small can be handled. The interaction between the various professions is a key advantage, enabling quick and expert solutions to any business-related problems.


Providing services for over 20 years we continue to be at the cutting edge of new developments. Providon Holdings brings and performing New information age technologies to the industry to ensure its leading regional and global position.